For most channels, targeting your video promotion strictly to your competitors' channels and/or videos is the best way to start.  Before getting started, take the time to do some research to find channels succeeding in creating content just like yours.  With this in mind, let's create a campaign that specifically targets the channels and videos that your target audience is already watching.

Who should use "Specific Channels & Videos" targeting:

  • Your content focuses on a topic where other channels are already succeeding.
  • Your video is not easily described using keywords.
  • Other methods of promotion did not generate significant engagement.


  • Higher engagement on your video (subscribers, likes, comments)
  • Less wasted time and spend on finding an engaged audience.
  • Greater ROI (lower cost per engagement)


  • The average cost per view is usually higher (leading to fewer overall viewers seeing your ad).
  • Slower campaign delivery as you are targeting a smaller audience pool. 

How to target Specific Channels & Videos:

Follow the steps below to target your campaign to only the channels and videos you select.

Step 1: Enable only "Specific Channels & Videos" in the "Build Ad" tab.

  • In step 1 of the campaign builder, "Build Ad," scroll down to the "Select Your Ad Types" section and enable only "Discovery Ads" and "Commercial Ads (In-Stream)" below the heading "Specific Channels & Videos." You may click the link labeled "enable only this option" to ensure the other ad types are deactivated.

Step 2: Add your targeted "Placements."
Tip: For best results, target enough channels where the combined reach is at least 1 million subscribers.  Targeting only smaller channels can result in your campaign delivering slowly or not at all.

  • In the "Targeting" step, click the "Add Placement" button below "Target Specific Channels & Videos." 
  • In the search box that appears, search the name of a similar channel or video or a keyword/phrase that describes your channel or video and submit.
  • To select a similar channel(s), click the "Channels" heading and then select the checkbox next to each channel you wish to include in your targeting.
  • To select videos, click the "Videos" heading, and then select the checkboxes next to the name of the videos.  It is unnecessary to select the videos belonging to channels in your "channel" targeting list as all of their videos will be targeted already.
  • Alternatively, you can "Bulk Add URLs" of channels and videos if you already have this list handy.
    Example of a channel search using a keyword.Example of targeting channels using "Bulk Add URLs."

Step 3: Watch the results and add more channels & videos when necessary.

  • While targeting specific channels & videos can be rewarding, it can also present some challenges.  

    For example, if you target channels with very few viewers, you won't receive many views from your campaign. Additionally, if you target channels or videos that have monetization disabled, you will not receive any views.

  • If you find your campaign is not generating enough viewers, please add additional placements until the campaign delivery meets your desired pacing.  For best results, target enough channels where the combined reach is at least 1 million subscribers.

  • If you need assistance, please open a ticket.