1. Select the Right Keywords (Avoid Broad Keywords!)

Choosing the right keywords is essential for reaching your target audience. Look for terms that are specific to your video's content and what your potential viewers might be searching for. For detailed guidance on selecting effective keywords and phrases that resonate with your audience, check out our full article here.

2. Setting the Right Budget ($100 or more)

A well-funded campaign allows for comprehensive A/B testing and optimization. We've found that campaigns with a minimum budget of $100 tend to perform best. This budget level provides sufficient scope for testing different audiences to identify which yields the lowest cost per subscriber, optimizing your ad spend.

3. Link Your YouTube Channel to Google Ads (Double your results!)

Linking your YouTube channel to our Google Ads account enhances targeting and reporting capabilities. If you haven't done so already, you can easily link your channel on the "My Channels" page within your Sprizzy account, enabling us to tailor the campaign more closely to your channel's content.

4. Give the Campaign Time to Optimize (At Least 24 Hours!)

The first 24 hours of your campaign are critical for learning and testing. It's important not to make changes or end the campaign during this period. Typically, results improve significantly by the second day as our system refines its targeting based on initial feedback and performance data. With each additional day, the campaign continues to optimize and improve.

A real-world example of our optimization algorithm over the course of several days.

5. Advanced Engagement Reports (Pause High 'Cost Per Subscriber' Ad Groups)

For those who have linked their YouTube channel, our advanced engagement reports offer a deep dive into performance metrics across various audience segments. These insights allow you to pause ad groups where the cost-per-subscriber doesn't meet your goals. You can access these reports on the "Reports" page by clicking on the campaign's name, then navigating to the ad groups tab.

Pause ad groups that have a higher-than-average "Cost Per Earned Subscriber" to get more subscribers within your budget.

Pro Tip: Use the filter to show and pause ad groups where the Cost Per Earned Subscriber is greater than your campaign's average (see below). 

6. Sustaining Campaign Performance (Extend Your Budget Early!)

To maintain campaign momentum and prevent re-entry into Google Ads' learning mode, which could temporarily affect performance, consider adding additional funds before your budget runs out. This proactive step helps to ensure a continuous and stable campaign operation.