How Much Does Sprizzy Cost, and What Results Can I Expect in Terms of Subscribers?

Currently, the minimum budget to promote a video is $50.   Sprizzy prioritizes growing your subscriber base efficiently, rather than just accumulating views. Pricing is dynamic, mirroring Google Ads, and varies with the demand for your target audience, with costs per view ranging from 2.25 to 5 cents. Our goal is to deliver the highest possible subscriber growth at the lowest cost, ensuring your investment directly contributes to expanding your channel's reach.

What is Your Payment Model?

Sprizzy operates on a "pay-as-you-go" model, ensuring simplicity and transparency in every campaign. This approach means there are no monthly fees or hidden charges. You deposit the exact amount you wish to spend on each promotion upfront. Rest assured, you will never be unexpectedly charged more than the amount you've committed.

What Am I Paying For?

Your investment in Sprizzy is focused on gaining subscribers. We deduct a portion of your total budget each time our platform facilitates a new potential subscriber encounter with your content. The cost associated with these engagements is variable, typically ranging between 2.25-5 cents per view, which can lead to new subscribers. Importantly, any subsequent views of your video by the same viewer, or additional interactions such as likes and comments, do not incur extra charges. These additional benefits contribute freely to the overall growth and engagement of your channel.

Factors Influencing Cost Per View

Several key factors can influence the cost per view (CPV) in your campaign, reflecting the dynamic nature of our pricing model. Understanding these factors can help you optimize your campaign for cost-efficiency while reaching your desired audience:

  • Geographic Competition: Targeting highly competitive countries, such as the USA, can increase CPV due to higher demand.
  • Local Targeting: Specifying particular cities, states, or radiuses for your campaign targets introduces more precise competition, potentially raising costs.
  • High-Value Keywords: Keywords associated with high-value network individuals or industries can be more expensive due to their lucrative audience.
  • Time-Sensitive Campaigns: Launching campaigns during peak advertising periods or around specific events can lead to increased competition and higher costs.
  • Video Thumbnail: The attractiveness and relevance of your video's thumbnail play a significant role in determining your ad's click-through rate (CTR). A compelling thumbnail can lead to a higher CTR, potentially decreasing your CPV as engaging content is rewarded by the platform.
  • Audience Targeting Precision: The more specific your audience targeting (e.g., demographics, interests), the more competitive the bidding can become, affecting CPV.

Estimating Subscriber Growth

When setting up your campaign and budget, our system will provide an estimate of the potential subscriber growth based on historical data and averages. Please note, this estimate is not a guaranteed outcome but rather a guideline to help set expectations. The final subscriber gain may vary due to the dynamic nature of ad placements and audience engagement.

Why Can't Exact Subscriber Growth Be Predicted?

Sprizzy is built upon the Google Ads platform, making the cost and impact of each campaign subject to the fluctuating dynamics of digital advertising. Factors such as geographical targeting, audience interests (e.g., targeting users interested in luxury vehicles), and the appeal of your video's thumbnail can significantly influence the cost and effectiveness of your campaign. Additionally, a video that garners higher engagement rates may benefit from reduced costs per view, indirectly influencing subscriber growth.

Given these variables, Sprizzy aims to provide the best estimate possible for potential subscriber increase, keeping in mind the inherently unpredictable nature of digital advertising.