Do Sprizzy Ads Count Toward Monetization Hours?

When you run ads through Sprizzy, the views you get directly from those ads do not count toward the 4,000 watch hours YouTube requires for you to start earning money. This is a standard rule for all ads on Google and YouTube.

Good News About Watch Time

The real magic happens when viewers attracted by your ads decide to explore more of your content. When they watch additional videos on your channel, these watch hours do count towards monetization. Essentially, Sprizzy helps to spark interest in your channel, encouraging viewers to dive deeper into your content and become regular viewers.

Other Benefits of Using Sprizzy Ads

More than just a tool for increasing views, Sprizzy ads are about building a community around your channel. By targeting the right audience, Sprizzy not only boosts your visibility but also attracts viewers who are likely to engage with your content, subscribe, and become long-term fans. This engagement is crucial because YouTube's algorithms favor channels with high engagement, recommending them more often, which further increases your visibility and potential for monetization.

How Sprizzy Works Towards Your Monetization Goals

Sprizzy's goal is to introduce your channel to viewers who are interested in your content. By doing so, it helps you gain subscribers who are more likely to watch your videos regularly. These loyal viewers contribute significantly to your watch hours, pushing you closer to YouTube's monetization threshold. It's about creating a virtuous cycle: Sprizzy ads bring in viewers, some of whom become subscribers, who then contribute to your watch hours, which in turn helps your channel grow and become eligible for monetization.