Choosing the right keywords and phrases for your Sprizzy campaign is crucial to its success. Targeting with irrelevant or overly broad keywords can attract viewers who aren't interested in your content, wasting your advertising budget. This guide outlines best practices for selecting effective keywords for your campaign.

Avoid Overly Broad Keywords and Phrases

If your video is about "how to tie a tie," avoid broad keywords such as:

  • clothes
  • men

While a tie is a piece of "clothing" and "men" might wear ties, these keywords are too broad and could lead to low engagement and wasted budget by attracting viewers not interested in the specifics of tying a tie.

Target Precisely with Your Keywords and Phrases

Refining your keywords to match exactly what your video offers increases viewer retention, engagement, and subscriber growth. For a "how to tie a tie" video, effective keywords could include:

  • how to tie a tie
  • tie a tie easy
  • tie a tie for wedding

If your video focuses on a specific knot, like "tying a half Windsor knot," consider even more targeted keywords:

  • how to tie a half Windsor
  • half Windsor knot tutorial
  • tie a half Windsor knot

Avoid Excessively Specific Keywords and Phrases

Beware of using keywords so specific they have little to no search volume. For instance, avoid overly detailed phrases like:

  • how to tie a half Windsor knot in 10 seconds
  • the easiest way to tie a half Windsor knot for a wedding suit

These keywords are unlikely to harm your campaign but may not attract many viewers due to their specificity and low search volume.

Tips for Finding Keywords and Phrases

YouTube and Google Search auto-suggest features can help identify popular search phrases. Start typing a relevant keyword to discover what potential viewers are searching for.

Test Your Keywords!

Not sure about a keyword or phrase? Test it on YouTube to see what type of content appears in search results. This can help ensure your chosen keywords align with your video's content.

Searching "clothes" may not show content related to tying ties, indicating it's not a suitable keyword for your campaign. 

Search term: how to tie a tie - Directly relevant, a perfect match for your campaign.