Are there any guarantees?

As with any form of advertising, nothing can be guaranteed.  While Sprizzy's platform and algorithms are built to help you succeed, many factors contribute to the success of any marketing campaign. Many of which are out of Sprizzy's control.

The accuracy of your keywords, the relevancy of your channel & video targeting, the quality of your video, the quality of your video's thumbnail all play a major factor in how well your campaign will perform.

For this reason, coupled with the cost of paying Google Ads for the promotion, Sprizzy will not offer refunds for any funds already spent

Best practices:

  • Test with a small budget. Before committing to a large upfront budget, test each campaign with a smaller budget.
  • Test various targeting methods. Some campaigns perform best when choosing the exact channels & videos to target, while others find success by utilizing only "Search Ads."  Test various ad types and demographics to see which work best.
  • End low-performing campaigns early.  If a campaign is not meeting your expectations, end the campaign and use the funds for a new video.

What is your refund policy?

If your video is disapproved by Sprizzy or Google Ads, you are entitled to a full refund.  In addition, you may end a campaign and any time and refund/reallocate the funds to a new promotion.