Can't Find Your Video When Setting Up a Campaign on Sprizzy? Here's Why

Setting up a campaign on Sprizzy involves selecting a video you wish to promote. However, some users report not being able to find the video they want to promote. This issue can stem from a few different reasons, each with its own simple solution. Let's explore these scenarios and how to resolve them.

1. Recently Uploaded Video

Issue: If you've just uploaded your video to YouTube, it might not immediately appear on Sprizzy due to synchronization delays.

Solution: No need to wait! You can directly enter the URL of the newly uploaded video into Sprizzy's campaign setup page. This bypasses the delay and allows you to start your promotion right away.

2. Video Visibility Settings

Issue: Videos set as unlisted or private won't show up in the list of available videos for promotion.


  • Make It Public: If possible, change the video's visibility to public. This will make it appear in your list of promotable videos on Sprizzy.
  • Direct URL Entry: If you prefer to keep your video unlisted or cannot make it public, simply enter the video's direct URL during the campaign setup. This allows you to proceed with promoting an unlisted or private video.

3. Video on an Automatically Generated "Topics" Channel

Issue: Some videos are uploaded to automatically generated "topics" channels by YouTube. If you're trying to promote such a video but haven't selected this specific channel on Sprizzy, the video won't appear in your search.


  • A) Add the "Topics" Channel: You can add the automatically generated "topics" channel to your Sprizzy account. This enables you to see and select videos from this channel for your campaigns.
  • B) Use the Direct URL: Similar to the solutions above, entering the direct URL of the video bypasses the need to search for it within Sprizzy's platform.

Still Need Help?

If you've tried these solutions and still encounter difficulties, or if you have further questions about promoting your YouTube video, please submit a ticket.