Yes, Sprizzy facilitates the promotion of rap videos and videos containing profanity, provided they adhere to Google Ads' guidelines. To increase the likelihood of your video being approved, here are some critical areas to consider:

Content Checklist:


  • Excessive cursing is likely to get flagged.
  • Moderate profanity might be acceptable within reason. Consider using radio edits or versions with less explicit language.
  • Be mindful of language that could be perceived as hateful, derogatory, or discriminatory. Ensure your video does not attack or demean individuals or groups.

Guns and Weapons:

  • Videos with graphic or glorified portrayals of guns and other weapons will likely be flagged.
  • Context is crucial – if guns are part of the music video aesthetic and not presented in a threatening way, it might be acceptable. Avoid close-ups of weapons or scenes suggesting explicit violence.

Suggestive Content & Nudity:

  • Content should remain within PG-13 boundaries. Overtly sexual situations or scantily clad dancers will almost certainly get flagged.
  • Even implied nudity can be problematic. Opt for suggestive themes over overt displays.

Drugs, Alcohol, & Substance Abuse:

  • Explicit or glorified references to drugs or alcohol, including portraying individuals under the influence in a positive light, are not allowed.


  • Any portrayals of violence must be very limited to gain approval. Graphic depictions or scenes with intent to harm are prohibited.

Beyond Content:

Video Quality:

Poor production, unprofessional editing, or extremely low resolution can lead to automatic rejection, even if the content is borderline acceptable.


Ensure all necessary rights for the music and visuals in your video. Copyright infringement is taken seriously by Google.

Landing Page:

The page your ad links to must also comply with Google's policies, avoiding problematic elements listed above.

Important Note:

The review process for YouTube ads involves a degree of subjectivity. There's always a chance that videos which seem to align with these guidelines might still get flagged, or vice versa. Policies can change, so staying updated on Google Ads guidelines is essential.

Remember, this guide is not a guarantee of approval but is designed to increase your chances of success.

Having trouble or need further clarification? Please submit a ticket to our support team for assistance.