Does Sprizzy Allow the Promotion of Live Stream Videos?

When it comes to the promotion of live stream content, there are specific guidelines due to the nature of live broadcasting and Google Ads' review processes.

During the Live Stream:

  • No, Sprizzy cannot promote live stream videos while they are being streamed. The primary reason is that Google Ads requires the ability to review the content before it goes live to ensure it adheres to their advertising policies. Since the content of a live stream can't be predicted or reviewed in real-time, Google Ads cannot approve these for promotion during the live broadcast.

After the Live Stream Has Ended:

  • Yes, once the live stream has ended, and the content is available as a standard video on YouTube, it can be submitted for promotion through Sprizzy. This allows Google Ads to review the now-static content, ensuring it meets their guidelines before any promotional campaign is launched.

What You Need to Know

If you're planning to promote content that was originally part of a live stream, it's essential to ensure that the final video adheres to all relevant content guidelines laid out by Google Ads. This includes but is not limited to restrictions on profanity, violence, suggestive content, and more.

Just like any other video content, the success of your promotion will depend on the quality of the video, its appeal to your target audience, and adherence to advertising guidelines.

How to Submit a Former Live Stream for Promotion

  1. Wait for the Live Session to Conclude: Complete your live stream as planned.
  2. Review Your Content: Ensure the recorded live stream complies with Google Ads' policies.
  3. Submit Your Video on Sprizzy: Once your live stream video is ready and compliant, submit it through Sprizzy’s platform for promotion as you would with any other video content.

Need Further Assistance?

If you have questions about promoting a former live stream or need help ensuring your video meets Google Ads' policies, our support team is here to assist. Submit a ticket, and we'll guide you through the process to make sure your promotion is set for success.