Linking Your YouTube Promotion to Music Platforms via Linktree

When it comes to promoting your music across platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or others through your YouTube ads, there's a creative workaround to adhere to Google Ads' strict copyright policy. Let's explore how you can effectively link your music platforms within your YouTube promotions.

Understanding Google Ads' Copyright Policy

Google Ads maintains a stringent copyright policy, especially concerning direct links to external music platforms within ad content. This policy ensures that all promotions adhere to copyright laws, preventing any potential infringement issues.

The Role of Linktree in Your Promotion

Linktree serves as a bridge, allowing you to consolidate links to your music on various platforms into a single, compliant landing page. This method not only adheres to Google Ads' guidelines but also provides your audience with a straightforward way to access your music across their preferred platforms.

  • Creating Your Linktree: Visit to create your account. Customize your Linktree with links to your artist profiles across Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and any other music platforms where your work is available.
  • Integrating Linktree with Sprizzy: Once your Linktree is set up, the next step is to connect it with your Sprizzy promotion. In the Sprizzy campaign setup, choose the option to link to an external page and input your Linktree URL. This action ensures that your YouTube ad directs viewers to your Linktree, from which they can select their preferred music platform to engage with your work.

Detailed Steps for Integrating Linktree with Your Sprizzy Campaign

  1. In your Sprizzy dashboard, select "Promote a Video" to start a new campaign.
  2. For "What type of video are you promoting?", choose "Music".
  3. Under "What is the goal of your promotion?", select "Website Clicks".
  4. You will see an option labeled "Which website do you want to send viewers to?". Select "Linktree" from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter your Linktree URL in the field provided. 
  6. Proceed with the rest of your campaign setup, including budget, targeting, and scheduling.

Need More Help?

If you encounter any issues setting up your Linktree or integrating it with your Sprizzy promotion, our support team is here to assist. Submit a ticket through our help center, and we'll guide you through the process to ensure your music promotion reaches your audience seamlessly across multiple platforms.