Why Does Sprizzy Show More Subscribers Than My Channel Actually Received?

Issue: The increase in subscribers from my Sprizzy campaigns doesn't match my channel's subscriber count in YouTube Analytics.

Reason: When you run multiple campaigns at the same time for different videos on the same channel, both campaigns might count the same subscriber growth. This happens because they're promoting content from the same channel.

At the start of your campaign, Sprizzy notes how many subscribers your channel has. We update this daily to show your new subscribers. If you're running two or more campaigns at once, each will report the subscriber increase, which can make it look like you have more new subscribers than you really do.

Example Scenario:
Campaign A runs from April 1st to April 7th.
Campaign B runs from April 6th to April 10th.
Because these dates overlap (April 6th and 7th), both campaigns will report the same increase in subscribers.

Note: If you're wondering why the subscriber growth from your Sprizzy-promoted video isn't reflected in your video's YouTube Analytics, please read: Why aren't my subscribers from Sprizzy showing in my video's analytics?

How to Get Accurate Subscriber Counts

Linking your YouTube channel to Google Ads helps get exact subscriber numbers for each campaign. This way, Sprizzy can use detailed data from Google Ads, making sure new subscribers are correctly counted for each campaign without any overlap.

Benefits of Linking Your Channel to Google Ads:

  • Access detailed metrics like earned views, subscribers, likes, and more.
  • See the average cost per subscriber and Cost Per Engagement (CPE).
  • Use advanced reports to spot and stop ads or audiences that aren't doing well.
  • On average, campaigns linked to Google Ads get twice as many subscribers because of better audience insights.

How to Prevent Discrepancies:
To avoid these issues, try running your campaigns one after the other instead of at the same time. Or, use your YouTube Analytics for a true picture of your subscriber growth. Still, linking your channel to Google Ads is the best way to track how well your campaigns are doing.

For steps on linking your channel to Google Ads, check out the "My Channels" page in your Sprizzy account.