Issue: When I add up my total subscribers from all of my campaigns in Sprizzy, the total increase does not match my channel's analytics.

Reason: Multiple campaigns running simultaneously will cause the subscriber growth to show in both campaigns making it appear as if you gained more subscribers.  This only applies if you are promoting multiple videos from the same channel.

When your campaign starts, we capture the total number of subscribers your channel has at that time. Each day, we update the count and show how many subscribers your channel gained over the previous day. If you have two (or more) campaigns running simultaneously, both campaigns will show the same increase in subscribers.

Example scenario:
For example, "Campaign A" starts April 1st and ends April 7th.
"Campaign B" starts April 6th and ends April 10th.
The dates that overlap (April 6th and 7th) will each show the same increase in total subscribers.

How to prevent this:
In the future, you can space out your campaigns (start one after the previous one finishes) or keep track of your total subscriber increase using the data provided in your channel's analytics.