Why does YouTube remove views?

Initially, YouTube will count all views toward the video's view count.  This includes anyone who refreshes your video multiple times, view-bots, etc.  Later, YouTube verifies the legitimacy of the video's views and purges any that weren't real.  An occasional small drop in views is normal.

However, if you notice a large percentage of your views disappearing, you are likely the victim of buying invalid, low-quality, or fake views.  This is extremely common when buying views from Fiverr or any services that offer a deeply discounted price for YouTube views. 

This logic also applies to purchasing subscribers or likes.  Never use a service that claims to "sell you subscribers" or "likes" as these are not real people.

Will YouTube remove my views from Sprizzy?

As we promote all videos on Google Ads (YouTube's ad platform), it's highly unlikely the views from your Sprizzy promotion will be removed.  However, if you lost views from your Sprizzy promotion, we will apply a credit for the number of views lost.

How to check if the decrease in views are from your Sprizzy promotion: How do I verify I received my views from Sprizzy?

Please note:  If the views aren't there, please send a screenshot in a ticket. Ensure the name of the video is displayed in the screenshot.

My subscriber count went down.

This would be unrelated to your Sprizzy campaign.  Your subscriber count can decrease at any time due to accounts being deleted by the user/YouTube and/or users unsubscribing from your channel.  Sprizzy does not have any influence on your existing subscribers, nor does Sprizzy does not use bots/fake accounts to inflate your subscriber count artificially.  Any subscriber decreases around the time of your Sprizzy campaign are purely coincidental.  If you previously purchased "subscribers" from another source (such as Fiverr), these were not real people and were likely removed by YouTube.

My likes went down/were removed.

This would be unrelated to your Sprizzy campaign.  In most cases, when a video loses a majority of its likes, it's due to the channel previously/actively purchasing "likes" from an illegitimate company.   Never use a service (such as Fiverr) that claims to "sell you subscribers" or "likes" as these are not real people and will be deleted by YouTube.  If your likes decreased around the time of your Sprizzy campaign, this is purely coincidental.