Sprizzy's pricing is dynamic and the cost per viewer changes with each campaign.  If you haven't already, please see our article regarding pricing to better understand how the pricing model works: How much does it cost, and how many viewers will I receive?

The views for my last campaign were much higher -- why?

Sprizzy is built on top of the Google Ads platform, and like Google Ads, the price per viewer is dynamic and influenced by a number of factors. 

Even if you are targeting the same audience as a previous campaign, you may end up paying more per viewer compared to your past campaigns. 

Reason 1: Low "View Rate"

A low "view rate" is the number 1 reason for receiving fewer views when compared to prior campaigns.  This is a ratio defined by the number of people who were presented with your video ad (impressions) vs the number of people who clicked to watch it (views).

For example, if you had 5 views and 1000 impressions, then your view rate would be 0.5%. Here's how it's calculated:

Google Ads will charge a lower cost-per-view for video ads that have a higher view rate.  Conversely, Google Ads will charge a higher cost-per-view for video ads with a lower view rate.

Reasons for a low view rate:

  • Your video thumbnail is unappealing (this is used in your ad)
  • Your selected keywords are not relevant (view tips for selecting relevant keywords here)
  • Your selected channels/videos are not relevant
  • Your target demographics and/or locations are not relevant

The best way to increase your view rate is to ensure you're targeting the most 

Reason 2: Seasonal Price Increases

Around major holidays (such as Christmas) or major events, there is a lot more competition from large brand advertisers with large budgets.  Due to the increased competition, the price to reach a viewer increases.

Remember, Google Ads rewards ads with a higher view rate.  Focus on making your targeting as relevant as possible to help decrease the average amount you pay per viewer.