What to Do If Your Video Isn't Listed for a New Campaign

Starting a new campaign but can't find the video you want to promote? Here’s what might be happening and how to resolve it.

Unlisted/Private Videos and YouTube API Delays

If the video you plan to promote is set to unlisted or private, it won’t appear in the selection list during the campaign creation process. Additionally, delays in the YouTube API might prevent your newest videos from showing up immediately.

Adding Your Video to a Campaign

When you encounter this issue, simply copy and paste the URL of your video into the search field on the campaign creation page and click the “Search” button. This method allows you to bypass the list and add your video directly to the campaign.

Adding a video using the URL

Need More Help?

If you're still having trouble adding your video to a new campaign or have any other questions, our support team is ready to help. Please submit a ticket to get more assistance.

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