Sprizzy's pricing is dynamic and the cost per viewer changes with each campaign. If you haven't already, please see our article regarding pricing to better understand how the pricing model works: How much does it cost, and how many viewers will I receive?

Why did I receive fewer subscribers than were estimated?

While building your campaign and supplying a budget, Sprizzy does its best to estimate the number of subscribers you'll receive.  This estimate provided is based on historical averages. It is not a guarantee.

For this reason, refunds or credits will not be issued in the case where your subscribers or views do not reach the range.

The estimated total subscribers will show after entering your budget.

Why can't Sprizzy predict exactly how many subscribers or viewers I will receive?

Sprizzy is built on top of the Google Ads platform, and like Google Ads, the price per viewer is dynamic and depends on your targeting criteria. For example, targeting viewers in a developing nation is more economical when compared to targeting a user in a developed country such as the United States. Additionally, targeting users with more affluent interests, such as exotic cars, will also come at an increased price.

Other factors, such as the attractiveness of your video's thumbnail, can also influence how much you'll pay for a viewer.  Google Ads rewards ads (videos) that receive many clicks relative to other videos; a higher "click-through rate" generally decreases the cost charged for each viewer.

With the many factors contributing to the cost-per-viewer, Sprizzy can only provide you with its best-educated guess. 

Does Sprizzy count/charge me for views from other sources?

Sprizzy will never charge you for views from other sources.  You can read more about this here: Does Sprizzy count/charge me for views from other sources?

Additionally, you can verify your total Sprizzy views in your YouTube Studio Analytics: How do I verify I received my views from Sprizzy?