Why aren’t subscribers gained showing in my video’s analytics?

Have you spotted a mismatch between the subscriber growth reported by Sprizzy and the figures shown in your YouTube Analytics? It's important to know that Sprizzy uses Google Ads to promote your video, providing direct and reliable reports of subscriber increases from your campaign. But sometimes, these numbers don't seem to match up. Let's explore why this happens.

1. In-Stream Ads (Commercial Ads) direct viewers to your channel page:

A big part of our promotion strategy includes in-stream ads that play before other YouTube videos. These ads may direct viewers to your channel with a call-to-action, not just the promoted video. If viewers subscribe from your channel page, YouTube Analytics will not count them under the specific video promoted. This is why Sprizzy's reports might show a higher subscriber number than what you see for your individual video's analytics on YouTube.

2. The viewer explores other videos before subscribing:

Your promotion might guide viewers to your channel through various routes. They could see your ad, check out more of your content, or visit your channel page before deciding to subscribe. Even though these subscribers come from your promotion, YouTube Analytics may not link them directly to the promoted video. Sprizzy's reports consider all subscriber gains related to your campaign, offering a full picture of its success.

Measuring Success Through Channel Subscriber Growth

The best way to measure your Sprizzy campaign's success is by looking at the overall subscriber growth of your channel. While video-specific analytics are useful, they might not fully capture the extent of your campaign's impact. The increase in total channel subscribers includes all new followers, providing a comprehensive view of your promotional efforts.

Tracking your channel's subscriber growth in YouTube Analytics provides a fuller understanding of your Sprizzy campaign's effect.

Note: Alternatively, if Sprizzy's subscriber growth is showing much greater than your channel's growth, please see this article: Sprizzy reports more subscribers than my channel received

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