Once a campaign is launched, the video cannot be changed as it is tied to the specific metrics and targets set for the campaign. However, you can easily apply unused funds to a new campaign with a different video.  This guide will walk you through the process of transferring your campaign funds to support a new video promotion.

Important Considerations Before You Begin

Before proceeding with the fund reallocation, please be aware of the following:

  • Additional Funds: Starting a new campaign might require you to deposit additional funds. However, this requirement is waived under two conditions:
    • If you've spent less than 25% of your original campaign's budget (for example, less than $12.50 on a $50 campaign).
    • If Google Ads did not approve your video for promotion.
  • Time for Funds Transfer: After ending a campaign, please allow up to 10 minutes for the funds to move to your account wallet. This brief period allows our system to conduct a final update of your campaign's reports, ensuring accurate fund transfer.

Steps to Use Funds for a New Video/Campaign

  1. Access Campaign Settings: Navigate to your campaign dashboard and click the gear icon next to the campaign you wish to end and reallocate funds from.
  2. End Your Current Campaign: Click the "end campaign" (trash can) icon to initiate the process of ending your campaign.
  3. Confirm Campaign Termination: A confirmation window will appear. Click "End Campaign" to proceed. Remember, after this step, your campaign will officially end, and the funds will start the process of returning to your account wallet.
  4. Wait for Fund Transfer: Allow up to 10 minutes for the funds to be available in your account wallet. This ensures all your campaign data is updated correctly in our system.
  5. Create a New Campaign: Once the funds are available, proceed to create a new campaign. Set your budget to match the available funds in your account wallet. When you submit your new campaign, you'll have the option to apply the funds from your wallet.