Below is a list of the most common reasons we see for video disapproval:

  • Adult content, including nudity or sexual imagery
  • Profane language or offensive slang
  • Recreational drug use, promotion, or any drug-related paraphernalia
  • Weapons, including guns, knives, or any form of armaments
  • Violent language or the promotion of violence
  • Discriminatory terms, hate speech, or imagery
  • Gruesome or shocking imagery, including graphic violence
  • Graphic images or detailed accounts of physical trauma
  • Gratuitous depictions of bodily fluids or waste
  • Promotions that are likely to shock, scare, or disgust
  • Content capitalizing on sensitive events without demonstrable benefit to victims
  • False claims or misleading information
  • Unsupported "miracle" health claims
  • Content that infringes on copyright or intellectual property rights

For a complete list of Google Ads' Ad policies, please see their article here.

If your video is incorrectly disapproved, we will file an appeal with Google Ads to re-review the video.

If your video is disapproved, you can process a refund or use the funds to promote a new video.