Due to YouTube's recent update to public subscriber counts, the "Subscribers" value in the Sprizzy reports will no longer show exact amounts and instead will increase in increments.  You can read more about this update by YouTube here.  

Understand your subscriber count

Your audience can view a shortened version of your subscriber count. This subscriber count is shortened depending on the number of subscribers your channel has.

If you have...then your subscriber count updates for every:
Less than 1,000 subscribers1 new subscriber
1,000–9,999 subscribers10 new subscribers
10,000–99,999 subscribers100 new subscribers
100,000–999,999 subscribers1,000 new subscribers
1,000,000–9,999,999 subscribers10,000 new subscribers
10,000,000–99,999,999 subscribers100,000 new subscribers
100,000,000–999,999,999 subscribers1,000,000 new subscribers


To understand how your subscriber count will be displayed, use the table below.

For example, if you have...then your subscriber count is:Your next subscriber count will be:
123 subscribers123124
1,234 subscribers1.23K1.24K
12,345 subscribers12.3K12.4K
123,456 subscribers123K124K
1,234,567 subscribers1.23M1.24M
12,345,678 subscribers12.3M12.4M
123,456,789 subscribers123M124M