"Subscribers" vs. "Earned Subscribers"

When you launch a campaign on Sprizzy, tracking your channel's growth is crucial. You might notice terms like "Subscribers" and "Earned Subscribers" in your campaign reports. Let's break down what each means to help you better understand your campaign's impact.

What Are "Subscribers"?

In the realm of Sprizzy campaign reports, "Subscribers" refer to the total number of new followers your channel gains while your campaign is active. This growth can stem from multiple sources such as:

  • Views generated through Sprizzy’s advertisements
  • Organic growth from non-promoted content
  • Other promotional activities outside of Sprizzy

Sprizzy captures your total subscriber count at the start of your campaign and then reports on the increase. 

Defining "Earned Subscribers"

"Earned Subscribers" are those who subscribed to your channel as a direct result of engaging with your promoted video through Sprizzy. Google Ads tracks each viewer that watches your video and then reports if they subscribe within 7 days.

Please note that even if you are running your own Google Ads campaigns, Sprizzy will not show any subscribers gained from other sources in our reports.

Why Report Both?

Reporting both "Subscribers" and "Earned Subscribers" provides a comprehensive view of your channel's growth during the campaign. While "Earned Subscribers" showcase the direct impact of your Sprizzy campaign, the broader "Subscribers" count includes indirect growth impacts, such as a viewer from the Sprizzy ad sharing your video with a friend who also subscribes. This dual-reporting approach helps you understand not just the direct, but also the potential ripple effects of your promotional strategies through Sprizzy.

Why It Matters

Understanding the distinction between these terms helps you evaluate your campaign’s success. Knowing how many subscribers came directly from your advertising efforts allows you to make more informed decisions about future campaigns and content strategy.

Need More Help?

If you have questions or need further clarification about your campaign reports, our support team is ready to assist. Visit the Support Center to submit a ticket, and we'll get back to you promptly.