Exploring Geographic Distribution of Campaign Views

Have you realized that your video campaign is attracting views predominantly from a select few countries, even though your aim was broader? Here’s an overview of why this might be happening and steps you can take to address it.

Key Factors Influencing View Locations

The distribution of views across countries is influenced by several key factors:

  • The level of competition for ad space varies by country.
  • Different regions may have varying levels of interest in your video's subject matter.
  • The demand for content similar to yours may not be uniform across all targeted areas.

Consequently, views tend to accumulate more significantly in countries where your content either faces less competition or resonates more with the audience.

Maximizing Campaign Efficiency

Sprizzy’s objective is to maximize the efficiency of your campaign budget. This involves allocating more resources to regions where the cost per view (CPV) is lower, thus ensuring that you gain the most value from your spend. Essentially, the platform optimizes for regions offering lower-cost views to enhance subscriber growth efficiently.

Adjusting Your Campaign's Target Locations

If the current geographic focus does not align with your desired target audience, consider adjusting your campaign’s target locations. You can make this change by editing your campaign and visiting the "Targeting" tab.  The options "Target Locations" will be located at the bottom of this section.

Need Additional Support?

For further assistance or inquiries on optimizing your campaign’s geographic targeting, our support team is at your service. Feel free to reach out through our Support Center, and we will guide you through any necessary adjustments to achieve your campaign objectives.