Understanding Your Campaign's Subscriber and Comment Dynamics

Noticing an increase in subscribers but few comments? It’s because of how Sprizzy’s promotion strategy works.

Role of In-Stream Ads in Subscriber Growth

Most of Sprizzy's campaigns use in-stream ads. These ads, which appear before other videos, invite viewers to visit and subscribe to your channel directly. This means they are more likely to hit 'Subscribe' without necessarily commenting on a specific video.

When a viewer clicks on your advertisement, they are directed to your YouTube channel page with an option to subscribe.

Why Comments May Be Few

Since the primary call-to-action is to subscribe, viewers may not engage with your content by commenting immediately. But don't worry, your content's quality will determine ongoing engagement, and comments may increase as subscribers begin exploring your videos.

Measuring Campaign Success

A growing subscriber base is a sign of campaign success. As your content reaches more people, you are building a foundation for future engagement, including comments.

Encouraging Comments

Want to boost interactions? Encourage viewers to comment by asking questions and engaging with your audience in your video content. This can promote a more active commenting community.

Need More Help?

If you’re encountering difficulties or have questions about your campaign's performance, our support team is here to assist. Please submit a ticket to get more assistance.